We are a group of writers and editors dedicated to improving our skills and helping others do the same since 1979.  Please join us at our regular meetings on the fourth Monday of each month.  Guests are welcome to attend. A $5 donation is requested.

In Memory – Ellen Shaw Tufts
Ellen Shaw Tufts, Member at Large

Ellen Shaw Tufts, Member at Large

San Diego Writers/Editors Guild Board Member-at-Large Ellen Shaw Tufts passed away in May.

A Milwaukee native, Ellen worked as assistant copy editor at House Beautiful Magazine (Hearst Magazines) in New York City. In 1978, in Wisconsin, she was awarded The Wisconsin United Press International (UPI) award for excellence in column writing at the Green Bay News-Chronicle. She served as San Diego National Council on Alcoholism-Drug Dependence (NCADD) news editor, earning her the Markie Award as newsletter editor. She is a former member, Society of Professional Journalists (national and local chapters) and is a correspondent and freelance writer of non-fiction. She also volunteered as director of Alumnae affairs for the West for Smith College, and at the Uptown Social Services Center of San Diego. She pursued many other civic efforts.

Ellen is published in SDW/EG’s The Guilded Pen Anthology in 2012 (“A Wrinkle In Time”) and 2014 (“First Lady Never Perspires – Never”). As a Board member (since at least 2004) she contributed in many more ways. Ellen was one of the first people to greet members and guests at each meeting, providing name tags so we can more easily network before and after the meetings. In addition Ellen’s writing can be found in nearly every issue of The Writers Life as she summarized our speakers’ presentations for those who weren’t able to attend a meeting.

Comments are invited on the In Memory of Ellen Shaw Tuft page.

Guild’s Mission

. . . to promote, support, and encourage the writing art for adults and youth. The anthology is a fund-raising project with all proceeds helping the Guild continue in that effort. As a collaborative partner in the larger San Diego writing community since 1979.

Some of our outreach projects include:

* Speakers Bureau – professionals are available for presentations to groups in San Diego County. Topics include creative and non-fiction writing and marketing published work.
* Manuscript Review – members may submit up to 30 pages of a novel, short fiction or memoir for evaluation/critique by the Guild’s Recommendation Committee. An SDWEG rating is assigned which can be used when contacting agents, editors and publishers.
* Online references and resources for writers on our website: http://sdweg.wordpress.com/links/
*Current calendar of local literary community activities and events.
*Monthly meetings with guest speakers addressing timely topics on writing/publishing.


13 thoughts on “Welcome/Home”

  1. Last night’s program with Larry Edwards sharing his wealth of experience on how he successfully planned and then executed a marketing strategy for the release of his memoir, Dare I Call It Murder?, was excellent. I spent the entire ride home thinking about the ideas Larry shared and how the Guild can provide support to its members when embarking on a marketing adventure. Thanks very much, Larry!

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  2. If you are a member of SDW/EG and are interested in forming a support group for for marketing your work (not a class, or programs, or a read-and-critique group) rep;y here.


    • I am interested. After Larry’s presentation last week I thought about providing information on creating a WordPress site for book promotion as a topic for such a support group. I would be willing to put a presentation together for this.


    • I am very interested. I have received such conflicting advice, it would be nice to join together with others and sort out the strategies that work and those that aren’t as effective.


    • muriel2pups said:

      I am very interested in joining a support group. Getting up a website turned into a nightmare for me. I’m interested working with others on a checklist of features the site should have. Also, I received such much conflicting advice (especially on Author’s Catapult), it would be nice to join together with others and sort out the strategies that work and those that aren’t as effective.

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  3. Reply to Muriel2 pups:
    You are most welcome to consider joining our Writer’s Workshop, a read and critique group. If interested contact Muriel at mnrsandy@juno.com

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  4. Like

  5. George Geller said:

    Is it Zohreh Ghahremani or Zoreh Ghahremani? – George G.


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