You Are Invited to Plot to Succeed

Margaret HarmonSDWEG member and successful fabulist, Margaret Harmon, will be our presenter at our October 23 meeting, and she invites us to join her at play.

All writers face fears. Beginners wonder if they have any talent and don’t know how to start a career. Successes face the Next Book Jinx. Writers without agents get boilerplate rejections. Writers with agents get nastily specific rejections. Fear is a given.

But fear strangles boldness—and thus originality—and paralyzes us when we’re ready to send finished work to agents and editors.

PLAYING defeats fear. Playing, we face no penalty, price, serious consequence, critic, or judge. We do what we WANT to! And discovering what we truly want is a crucial step in creating. PLAYING can turn paper scraps into a . . . who knows?

At our October 23rd meeting, we’ll play three of Margaret's Literary Games on plotting: PLOTTING TO SUCCEED. Bring a fast pen and paper or your favorite laptop/phone, wear comfy clothes, and prepare to laugh and joke and experiment and discover and . . . ?

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