Writers’ Workshop of Ashville, NC Announces Hard Times Contest Winners

The Writers Workshop of Ashville, North Carolina

The Writers' Workshop of Ashville, NC, an organization on the east coast with a mission similar to that of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, has announced the winners of their previous worldwide contest, the Hard Times Writing Contest.

They are as follows:

  • FIRST PLACE: Erin Duffy, Raleigh, NC for “A Terrible Beauty”
  • SECOND PLACE: Sara Baker, Anna, TX for “Butterflies”
  • THIRD PLACE: Dayla Haynes, Asheville, NC for “The Crying Ape”


  • Michael Cochran, St. Petersburg, FL for “No Better Day;”
  • Jane Harrington, Glasgow, VA for “The Visits;”
  • Katherine Mackin, Greenwood, SC for “Oh My God;”
  • Robin McRae, Mt. Pleasant, SC for “Hardship."

Congratulations to the winners and those named with honorable mention.

The winning piece in the 2016 Hard Times Contest can be found here.

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