Where Does SDWEG Fit in the Writers’ World?

Occasionally members of the Board hear from writers who want to know why they should consider joining the Guild instead of other writers' groups in the area. Below is a response we find useful to answer the question of why we think joining the Guild is a great first step, though not the only step, local writers should consider.

San Diego offers a number of organizations dedicated to writers, including the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, the oldest such organization in the area.

Our organization currently has 180 members, among whom are poets and prose writers, fiction and nonfiction writers, memoirists and instructional textbook authors, some published and others still working on their craft. We offer monthly meetings with presentations dealing with both the art and business of writing with a Marketing Support Group meeting the hour before for those interested in learning what works and what doesn't.

Each meeting also offers networking time and an opportunity for published authors to display and sell their books. Other benefits include a manuscript review program, participation in local author events, an opportunity to submit work to our annual anthology, and we are exploring the possibility of offering workshops on topics of interest to members.

Other organizations for writers have different objectives.

San Diego Writers, Ink, for example, offers classes and read-and-critique groups for both members (at a reduced rate) and non-members.

Publishers and Writers of San Diego focuses its meetings strictly on the business side of publishing books.

A number of organizations offer classes in writing, among them OASIS, Grossmont College, Grossmont Adult Education, and OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute at San Diego State University.

We believe that San Diego Writers and Editors Guild is a great first place to get involved with the local writing community. Fortunately, it isn't a question of either/or. Many of us also take part in classes at San Diego Writers, Ink and OASIS, and several of us are also members of Publishers and Writers of San Diego.

If you are a member of the Guild, but you haven't yet renewed for 2018, do so before December 31 to take advantage of the $5 discount for early bird renewals.

If you haven't already joined the Guild, consider doing so here.

photo credit: Hans-Peter Gauster

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