What You Missed: Leslie Nack on March 28

leslie-2015final-squareBy Mardie Schroeder

This second of three posts summarizing presentations from memoirists who spoke at the March meeting features Leslie Johansen Nack.

Leslie Johansen Nack’s Fourteen is about coming of age and enduring a father who was abusive and hard, but also inspiring and empowering. She learned how to stand up for herself and how to say “No.” Her book covers a portion of her teen years while she, her two sisters, and father sailed to Tahiti over 23 months. It is also a tale of adventure, courage, and survival.

When asked how much after the events it took for her to start writing, Leslie replied she always knew she would write the story but didn’t begin until her two children were grown. It took about four years to complete the writing. Leslie hired and paid a publicist before the book was published. She considered it an investment in herself. She advocates being a participant with the publicist.

Regarding the process of conferring with those mentioned in the book, Leslie said her publisher, She Writes Press, insisted everyone in the book read it and sign off on it before it was published. Only two people requested a change of name and place but not the facts.

Leslie feels she has come full circle with her writing experience. As she aged and sought tools to heal and became a parent, she feels she has changed. The story is not her story—it’s everyone’s story.

She speaks at yacht clubs, book clubs, and bookstores.

Leslie's measure of success? Accepting an Academy Award for the movie made from the book is her ultimate dream for success.

For more information about Leslie, check out her website: http://www.lesliejohansennack.com/

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