What You Missed: Lauri Taylor on March 28

lauri_taylor_smallBy Mardie Schroeder

This third of three posts summarizing presentations from memoirists who spoke at the March meeting features Lauri Taylor.

Lauri Taylor’s The Accidental Truth is about the disappearance of her mother ten years ago and the discovery of her mother's body in Baja ten days later. As the youngest of four children, the only one who spoke Spanish and who lived nearest to Baja (Orange County), she was delegated by her sisters to collaborate with the various police departments/FBI to solve the mystery. She uncovered many painful family secrets and a shocking truth about her life.

In response to questions about how much after the events she began writing, Lauri said she started writing in 2013 and wrote the book in four months. It took a week a find an agent. She published in 2015.

Going from A to Z her expectations changed from finally finishing and publishing the book to getting the book into as many hands as possible.

Lauri feels her story will resonate with families and victims of crime, as well as those dealing with mental health issues.

When asked what she considers the most important step in marketing, Lauri said you can’t start early enough to market your book which is something she actually enjoys, having worked as a marketing executive. You need social media and a website. You must build a community for your work.

Lauri hired a publicist, but she described the timing as wrong due to the hiatus in the TV industry during the summer months. Her advice: if you do hire one, ask for a guarantee in the investment.

She shared her story with her other family members, but the final outcome is her truth only. She did not get permission from anyone. She became the voice for her family. She cautioned that other people will derail you.

What's in her future? She’s working with a partner on a TV pilot about the book and is writing more articles.

For more information about Lauri, check out her website: http://lauri-taylor.com/

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