What You Missed in February

Lee Wind

by Mardie Schroeder

Lee Wind, Director of Marketing for the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) began his presentation saying, “Access to the marketplace has never been easier, but never has there been as much competition either.”

IBPA started out in marketing and now is into education. They want to be able to get to the point where the books that you publish, and the books published in New York, are indistinguishable. Everything must be professional from the editing to the book cover.

IBPA has a Benjamin Franklin award and it has the Publishing Standard Checklist.

Lee prefers the term “author published” instead of “self-published.”

The difference between marketing and PR: marketing is when you build your own audience. PR is when you get into someone else’s audience.

The worse thing you can do is hard sell on line. You want to be the type of person who gives instead of gets. So whatever world you are writing about you can become involved with other people and have an ongoing conversation with them. Connect them to other authors and other people in their area of interests.

Lee suggests getting on a Face Book Live Event and someone else’s podcasts. Also set up a Google Alert.

Want Search Engine Optimization? You need three things:
1. Authority
2. Indexability
3. Relevancy

Was that it? No! We were given three pages of ways to personalize our own marketing plan and spent 15 minutes to complete it. Plus we each received a copy of the IBPA publication on marketing and public relations.

A limited number of Lee's handouts will be available at the March meeting, for those who ask.

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