What You Missed at the April Meeting

Henry Herz, Author of Children's Books

Guest speaker Henry Herz has become a well-established writer of children’s illustrated books, with nine published books and five under contract for publication in 2018 and 2019. He earned this success by traveling down the hard road of the independent (indie) writer/publisher and the even harder road of traditional book publishing.

Having taken both paths, he had some excellent advice for our members. He emphasized that to choose between indie and traditional publishing, you must answer some fundamental questions. He posed more than half a dozen questions, such as “Are you willing to work hard?” “What is your reason for publishing?” “Do you want to publish right away?” And perhaps most importantly, “Can you handle criticism and rejection?”

As you come to grips with your honest answers, you will be able to decide whether indie or traditional publishing suits you. Henry also delineated the pros and cons of indie vs. traditional paths. In a nutshell, the indie path is quicker and easier but you end up tackling many costs, chores, and obstacles that traditional publishers typically shoulder for you. But again, the choice is up to you.

In closing, Henry offered his professional services for those who need help on the indie path. You can contact him at henryherz.com.

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