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2016 edition of The Guilded Pen

At our November meeting the Guild’s anthology, The Guilded Pen, debuted its sixth edition. Readers presented their pieces for an appreciative crowd.

We fished for a killer steelhead trout, and learned of the amazing powers of coffee.

We’ve never been asked so many questions!

And how could a logging accident benefit an illiterate?

We learned that witches and warlocks can return after many years.

And who can ever forget Schwartz and Cohen in St. Peter’s Square?

We took a wilderness kayak trip and met a pod of orcas coming straight at us. Oh dear!

Two friends got treated, equally, to signed programs of American Pharaoh’s first winning race.

And will we ever know who did what to whom, involving two homeless people in the pouring rain?

And, really, what is more awesome than a butterfly?

If cruising in a starship is your cup of tea, you may never have to question “what is meat?” What?!

Believe me, we will never forget Dachau... nor what happened on Elsie’s swamp walk.

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  1. Excellent summary! I’d almost forgotten I’d purchased the anthology (I have such a backlog of reading to do.) This post reminds me to place this volume at my bedside where I’ll remember to enjoy the entertaining and insightful stories we heard at the meeting and the ones I have yet to experience.

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