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From the September issue of The Writer's Life

by Mardie Schroeder

antoinette-kurtizAntoinette Kuritz is the founder of La Jolla Writers Conference. She has been in business since 1994 and has recently moved into publishing. The following are her tips for doing as well as professionals if you do the marketing and promoting.

The minute you want to sell a book you’re in business and you have to learn and understand the business of publishing.

You must become an expert and learn all aspects of publishing.

IngramSpark has tips on publishing.

Spend money on professionals for cover designs, line and content editors, web design, etc.

Expect to invest $1,800-$3,000 for a really good website. Get a professional. Have a blog on it. Update it every 72 hours.

Create a business plan. Write a book proposal. How will you sell your book: speaking to groups, social media, etc? Build a platform long before you publish. Generate interest in your book prior to publishing. Get everything in place—social media, website, a professional team.

Determine what you want to write about, commit yourself, and be organized. Find your audience. Who are the primary buyers—mostly female adults. Know who you are writing and selling to.

Join a writers group because it makes you produce. Find a conference that works for you with very successful writers teaching.

Network network network. Your book is the hub of the wheel. The spokes are everything you do to promote it.

Become an authority on something.

Amazon has tools to maximize your promotion.

Be cautious of e-book and some independent publishers who keep asking for more money.

Know the horror stories.

Invest in an attorney to go over contracts.

Don’t quit your day job. It takes five successful books to replace an income.

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