What You Missed

From the August 2016 newsletter

by Mardie Schroeder

Have you ever wondered why Ayn Rand’s John Galt refused an offer of having any government job; who Henry is and the mysterious locket; what makes perfect eyebrows so appealing; or ever witnessed a sacrificial rite where the heart is yanked out of the body?

Have you heard about an STD crisis in upscale senior facilities?

What about the toilet paper and seat problems; having to lose 40 pounds before attending a high school reunion in Truth or Consequences; interviewing Admiral Rickover, the longest serving naval officer in the U.S; a risky interrogation on a yacht; a famous trumpet made in Paris; the risks of participating in a horse drive?

We heard the beautiful gift Neruda received. We learned the body can heal itself with nutrition and exercise.

We shared in hearing about 91 years of change in Arkansas. Oh dear, a foredestined earthquake?

And what about the cigarette ash left on the piano after Billie Holiday sang; and the wraith that engulfed Maria?

Ever been held up by five masked highway bandits in Mexico?

Is your sixth sense in control?

Did you know the factories along the Fox River in Chicago have now been converted into housing?

Twenty-one talented writers of the Guild made for an entertaining OpenMic Night. Congratulations to all participants.

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