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From the June Newsletter.

by Mardie Schroeder

larryedwardsSDWEG member Larry Edwards gave a thorough presentation on how critical social media is to selling our books.

With roughly 1 million book titles debuting every year, we need to become friends with social media. Establish two things first: a personal website and a book website. When do you set this up? BEFORE your book is finished. You want to create interest before the book is published.

Then get on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, SnapChat and any others that come along. Although Facebook has the largest audience (52%), you need to be on all of them as there is a crossover effect. Different social media have success with different genres of books and different age groups. Don’t forget email to cross-link to social media/website.

On Facebook, you need a personal page and a book page. FB has special-interest forums; i.e., for fiction, memoirs, nonfiction, etc. Participate on them.

Blogging is another way to generate interest. But Larry cautioned to not oversell your book. Use an indirect approach. Blog about other authors and/or related articles. Give information of value.

Although Google+ has low traffic volume/exposure, it is a networking platform under the broader Google umbrella. Google gives preference in search results to links posted on Google+.

Post a photo of your book on Pinterest and link it to your website. Middle-aged and older women predominantly use it.

Timing is key to a book launch. Avoid holidays unless there is a direct tie-in. Give a virtual party online with door prizes and giveaways. Respond to every email, social media post and phone call.

As space doesn’t permit the vast amount of information Larry provided, you are invited to access the following link for his complete presentation and a list of valuable resources: http://www.larryedwards.com/resources.html.

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