What You Missed…

. . .at the November meeting, by Marcia Buompensiero

as reported in the December issue of The Writer's Life

The much-anticipated SDWEG anthology for 2017, The Guilded Pen (6th edition), debuted at our November 27 meeting with a reception and recognition of our contributors who shared their poems, essays, memoir tales, and short stories with an appreciative crowd.

We learned the blessings of “Mom’s Ugly Lemon Cake,” and how our world can change in a wink and a nod when “Mother’s Justice” rewards those who trifle with the dignity of man.

We benefited from the “Insight” of a blind child; remembered a time when Prokofiev soothed an aching heart; and learned how “Gratitude” can heal the hurts in some of life’s painful lessons.

We meditated, were rejuvenated, and pondered a glass half-full, while wondering at how a healer worked her mystic magic.

We learned how it would feel to win the medal of honor; relished a sexy senior’s pluck while looking for a new wrinkle; and discovered where we might invest in beach-front property as the tides rise in the coming millennia.

While one was seeking perfection, another could not wait to exit the tangle of school “daze” dilemmas.

We weighed our fate when a contingent of El Salvadoran coast guard boarded our ship in search of contraband.

Yet, there was no riding off into the sunset as our ears did ring with the wails and whines of the “Ghost Writers in the Sky.”

And when it was done, the battle was won, as the rainforest guardian stood her ground, while it was told how a potter took pride in the practical purpose of art.

In short, you missed a really good show!

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