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From the June issue of the newsletter, by Mardie Schroeder

Jeniffer Thompson spoke on creating your personal branding. A brand helps you stand out. You need a logo and a style guide. Use the same typeface. Color is important. Everything should be consistent and recognizable. A brand will give you self-confidence. Consider having more than one domain name.

Begin with a strong platform and build on it. Connect the dots with everything you put out on social media so they work together. Drive all traffic to your website. Get people invested in you.

Make a five-year goal of what you want to do: write, teach, speak, conduct workshops, etc. At times you may have to redirect your course.

Write lots of content and share it with as many people as you can. Every time you speak or contribute an article include a bio with a link back to your website.

Jeniffer suggests updating your bios with different word lengths: 10, 25, 80, 180, and long form. You need a good head shot updated every few years (3 to 4 max).

Find out who your audience is, ask them what they want and need. Share personal stories. Get them interested in you.

Other authors are not your competition. They are influencers! Follow them, network with them, and subscribe to them. They will become part of your tribe.

Be consistent and passionate with everything you do. Budget your time and money, as well as your emotional resources. Remember that you don’t have to do anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

Connect with Jeniffer Thompson with your questions about branding! She is on Twitter @jeniffergrace; on Facebook at facebook.com/jenifferthompsonconsulting; and on Instagram @jeniffer_grace.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As per Jeniffer’s suggestion, the Board of Directors is currently compiling an SDWEG style guide to make use of our new logo (seen at the top of this email) and help direct our own branding strategy moving forward.

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