What You Missed

By Mardie Schroeder

From the March issue of The Writer's Life

In February Diane Hinds came over the pond to show us that independent writers have the same marketing avenues available as do professional publishers: radio, TV, magazines, newspapers (local as well as national), and social media – which is becoming the most important. All media is looking to fill their news slots. And authors can access all of these outlets without paying a publicist.

A note about social media: It removes any boundaries, it’s a direct connection to your audience, you get feedback, and you get it there first.

Public Relations creates your reputation, gives you third party endorsements and credibility. It’s also free. And you can control it.

Press Release: This is the most important document you can create – one page with a professional photo, a headline, a paragraph containing relevant details, notes for editors, and finally your contact information. This introduces you to your audience.

Compile a database of contacts, beginning with local media sources. Then call and follow up with your press release.

Who is your target audience, and what are their demographics? Where would they most likely find or hear about your book?

Diane advised us to send our book information out way before the actual launch date. This creates interest and anticipation, and notifies your audience of the book launch.

Be sure you have an ISBN code, and a company (book) website. A blog will generate interest as well.

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