Wednesday Writing Tips – Read and Critique


At a recent meeting, a guest asked if we could suggest where he could find a read and critique group.

Here's a blog post that explains better than I could why taking part in a read and critique group is important.

That guest's question prompted me to go looking online for groups in the San Diego Area. Here are the results of that search:

Several ongoing read and critique groups meet at San Diego Writers Ink. The cost of membership in these groups is $100 per month for members and $125 for non-members. (Hint - membership costs $35 per year so join first.) Check the listing for a specific group to see if there are openings since the groups are kept intentionally small enough to be of value to participants.

San Diego Professional Writer’s Group also hosts a read and critique group, but it is currently full. Check back later to see if there is an opening - (currently full)

Online options for read and critique are also available.

Occasional read and critique sessions are available through local organizations and educational institutions:

If you know of other groups, especially those that meet informally without cost which would welcome additional participants, please reply using the comment section below.


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