Want To Get Your Book into the Library?

The San Diego County Library system accepts independently published books written by local authors, provided the author is local, the material is of local interest, and the material meets certain selection criteria.

For information about the specific criteria and the form that must be completed and submitted with a copy of the book, see this link on the San Diego County Library website.

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3 thoughts on “Want To Get Your Book into the Library?”

      1. I checked the Central Library’s website to see what it says about what happens to the books submitted for the events. Here’s what it says: “Books in the Showcase circulate for one year (3/19 – 3/20). Afterwards qualified books may be added to the collection if they are in compliance with the Library’s Collection Development Policy including whether or not there exists professional reviews of the books.* eBooks cannot be added at this time unless they are available through the library’s digital format vendor.
        PDF icon *SDPL’s selection criteria” (https://www.sandiego.gov/sites/default/files/sdpl_collection_policy_2016_0.pdf)

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