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At the June Marketing Support Group meeting, SDWEG member Diana Diehl shared a number of tips for using Twitter for marketing. Much of her research comes from Rachel Thompson's book, 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge. According to Diana, "Rachel's book is a step-by-step tour to building an author platform and the best $5 I've spent in my marketing budget."

This post concentrates on Twitter chats.

Rachel hosts a weekly Twitter chat, #bookmarketingchat, on Wednesday nights at 6 PT.  You can follow on Twitter or on one of the chat platforms. Diana uses You type in the hashtag at the start time and follow along. It updates the thread as people "say" things. Usually, the people running it consist of a guest, Rachel, and a moderator who helps out.

It can seem daunting the first time you join a Twitter event, but it's really easy. And if things go by too fast, the organizers always post the full log of the conversation in a couple of places afterward so you can get any useful links you may have missed.

The topics vary. One week it may be building your platform on Twitter; another, it may be about blogging or making a marketing plan or using social media groups on LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook, etc.

Much of the information echoes what's in Rachel's book.

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