Tips from the Marketing Support Group

Penn Wallace
Penn Wallace

The Marketing Support Group meeting in January was full of great information, much of it from first-time attendee Penn Wallace who writes--and markets his books--full-time.

Penn shared the five essential steps he believes are necessary for commercial success:

  1. Build a fan list.
  2. Have a professional quality book cover.
  3. Use social media.
  4. Offer books through free giveaways.
  5. Write another book.

Penn shared a number of specific examples of each of the five steps during the meeting, many of which he also shares on his website: Look for "More..." in the top menu of his site and then select "Writer's Stuff" for a list marketing and social media tips for independent authors.

One specific document is a 38-page guide to emarketing for indie authors, available here.

Also on his website is an example of the beat sheet for one of his novels. For those who attended Marni Freedman's presentation on February 22, the term "beat sheet" should be familiar as one of the plotting tools she mentioned from Save the Cat.

Thanks, Penn, for agreeing to share resources with other aspiring authors.




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