Tips for Student Writers

San Diego Writers, Ink, offers options for students making their way into the college world. The information below arrived with SDWI's most recent email newsletter. In addition to the link to 10 tips, SDWI's classes of possible interest to writers of all ages and student status are listed.


Being a freshman in college can be daunting. Whether you’re an out-of-state-kid or local, college academics can be scary compared to high school classes. This time of transition is a big moment in anyone’s life. There are often many people in a student’s life that will throw out life advice—that’s not what this post is for—you get enough of that from your parents. Here are ten writing tips that can positively impact the college freshman experience.

If you’re still looking for some help to add some flare to your writing, you might want to try one of our upcoming classes:

Click on any of the above classes to get more details and get registered! If you'd like to see a list of all our upcoming classes, please click here. 

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