Tip of the Hat to . . .

From the February edition of The Writer's Life

  • Peggy Hinaekian, whose book, Of Julia and Men, is included in the San Diego Public Library’s Local Author Exhibit.
  • Newsletter Editor Laura Roberts’ book, Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs, is also included in the Local Author Exhibit.
  • Gary Winters, for having two poems selected for the San Diego Poetry Annual. One poem will be in the veterans section, as Gary is a former United States Marine.
  • Guild members Richard Lederer (“Conan the Grammarian” on Feb. 6), Tom Leech (“Tales From the Trails: San Diego's Rich Outdoors History” on April 25), and Frank Newton (“The Conquistadors and the Inca” on Feb. 25, and “The French Revolution and Napoleon” on Feb. 22) who are all teaching courses at San Diego Oasis this spring.

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