Tip of the Hat to…

From the November issue of The Writer's Life.

  • Phil Pryde, whose book, the fifth edition of San Diego: An Introduction to the Region, was selected to be the table prize for the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy’s recent dinner and fundraiser, attended by about 300 guests.
  • SDW/EG members Gered Beeby, Lawrence Carleton, Tom Leech, Muriel Sandy, Sandra Yeaman and Amy Zajac all have works featured in the 2016 Oasis Journal, published by Imago Press. Published pieces include short stories (A Christmas Surprise by Amy Zajac and BJ by Lawrence Carleton), poems (“Tackling Life’s Early Dilemmas” by Tom Leech), essays (The Elements of Trust by Gered Beeby), and memoirs (Kindness Is Universal by Muriel Sandy, and Boys Will Be Boys by Sandra Yeaman).
  • Sam Warren, whose book, A Hot Time in the Cold War, was translated into Russian.

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