Tip of the Hat: SDWEG Members Around the Town

Tip of the Hat

SDWEG is proud to note when its members are engaged in creative activities with other organizations around San Diego and beyond.

John Hodgkinson — SDWEG member John Hodgkinson, aka JohnEgreek, recently learned that Literary Titan, an author services company, has awarded his memoir, Grandma’s Secret Blessings: A Memoir with a Twist, a Literary Titan Book Award. This award pays tribute to works with unique writing styles, complex characters and original ideas.

Marcia Buompensiero was invited to participate in two upcoming Sisters in Crime events:

1. San Diego: April 7 meeting at the San Diego Central Library (downtown). She will be on a panel discussing how to do research for paranormal mysteries.

2. Los Angeles: April 21. She was invited to participate in the Los Angeles Chapter of the Sisters in Crime booth at the L.A. Times Book Festival in Los Angeles. She will be “appearing” Sunday, from 1-2 p.m. The event is the precursor to the festival held in San Diego last year.

In addition to these two activities, Marcia recently published Fatal Little Lies, the third novel in her Theo Hunter Mystery series

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