Tip of the Hat and Bragging Rights

In the days before the stay-at-home order, when we used to meet in person, members were given the opportunity to share their bragging rights during meetings. And we shared Tip of the Hat mentions about members' accomplishments in the newsletter. Because we are all now being kept at a distance, and the number of opportunities for book signings and other publicity have been reduced, we've decided to restore those opportunities via the website.

Bragging Rights

Past president and newsletter editor of SDWEG, Ruth Leyse Wallace, PhD, contributed a chapter to a newly published text book: Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy,  Diana Noland, Jeanne Drisko and Leigh Wagner, Editors;  "Nutrition and Behavioral Health/Mental Health/ Neurological Health", 2020; p.473-492. Humana Press, Switzerland.

Congratulations to Ruth, who now resides in Arizona but was able to join us at our April meeting through Zoom.

If you have won a contest (like Peggy Hinaekian's third place in the Writers Workshop of Asheville, NC's memoir contest) or an award or have news of an upcoming book launch, acceptance by a magazine or other publication, send us information to share with the rest of our membership.

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