Tip of the Hat. . .



To the 2015 Guilded Pen contributors.

Back row standing : left to right
Joe Naiman, Simone Arias, Marty Eberhardt, Margaret Harmon, Carolyn Jaynes, Mardie Schroeder, Lawrence Carleton, James Horstmann, Barbara Crothers, Fred Crothers, Marcia Buomensiero, John Davis

Second row from back: Left to Right
Rick Lakin, William Barrons, Amy Zajac, Muriel Sandy, Charlotte Thompson, Ken Yaros, Bob Doublebower,

Third row from back: Left to right:
Dave Feldman, Frank Primiano, Sandra Yeaman, Tom Leech, Gered Beeby

Front row: Ruth Leyse-Wallace, Val Zolfaghari

Contributors missing from photo: RJ Black, Joe Bonpensiero, Anne Casey, Al Converse, Margaret Coughlin, Roland Day, Chloe Edge, Richard Lederer, Donald Mayfield, Carl Nelson, Rick Peterson, Ty Piz, Norma Posy, Alan Russell, Wayne Williams, Gary Winters

Order your copy of The Guilded Pen, 2015 edition here.

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