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Adam Ross of San Diego-based The Secret Stash promotes authors and books among other things. He invites Guild members who would like their books included on his list to contact him at

Check out his site, especially his About page where you'll learn how he got started promoting books for local authors.

He's also on Facebook where you can see the events he has set up to help authors promote their work. He has two events scheduled for November and one in February of 2019.

Send him a hello message along with your website address and information about your book. He'll check them out, and if he's able to order them he'll add them to the site and his reading list. And then he'll review and help to promote them.

He's also open to guest blogs in the event that anyone is interested. Check out examples of what other authors have already shared with him on his site. He doesn't charge for any of this as he has a soft spot for local authors and wants to be another voice in the sea of voices sharing their works. His only request is that authors he includes on his site help spread the word about The Secret Stash and share with their circles of friends and family.

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