The Power of Video

SDWEG Member Sarah Faxon is using her YouTube channel to help fellow authors and creatives share their works with the world. Over the summer, through interviews and book reviews, her channel has reached over 1,000 views.

Sarah is currently doing a series on children’s books, children’s books authors, and engaging little ones in writing. This series will run through September, so she would love to feature the work of any Guild members who write children’s book authors in SDWEG.

Click here to see the various authors and books, including those of many fellow SDWEG Members, that she has highlighted so far: 

1 thought on “The Power of Video”

  1. Sarah,
    Let’s talk about your u-tube project. I am very interested and I think we both can benefit from a talk. My number is 619 203-1278, but I am happy to call you at a given time and date.

    Cy Roseman,

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