The Odin Award

One of the ways the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild contributes to the local writing community is by presentation of the Odin Award to recognize those in the area who have been major stimulators of the writing arts of the San Diego community or who have made excellent progress in writing as evidenced by their body of published work.

The Odin Award represents the origin of writing. In the words of Lord Russell: [writing is the] “wisdom of many and the wit of one.” As researched by Guild member John Scott Alexander, the word “write” came from the English word “writan,” originally meaning “to scratch runes into bark.” A rune is a letter or character of the earliest alphabet in use among the Gothic tribes of northern Europe. Runic inscriptions most commonly occurred in Scandinavia and parts of the British Isles. Rune is related to the Old Norse word “run” or “secret,” and the word is also applied to ancient lore or poetry expressed in runes, as well as secrecy, charms, and divination. Odin, a Scandinavian given god-like stature for his wisdom, poetry, war, and agriculture, was also a master of magic. Odin is given credit for discovering the runes and introducing knowledge of rune writing.

Over the 40 years the Guild has been in existence, we have honored 20 people by presentation of the Odin Award. As the Guild begins preparations for our 40th anniversary celebration later this year, we are evaluating nominations for persons to receive the Odin Award this year. We also wish to highlight past recipients of this award through a series of short profiles.

Below is a complete list of Odin Award recipients.

  • Chet Cunningham
  • Dean Nelson
  • Judy Reeves
  • Judy Cullins
  • Quincy Troupe
  • Richard Louv
  • Steve Kowit
  • David Brin
  • Susan Vreeland
  • Joan Oppenheimer
  • Pearl Silvernail
  • Mike McCarthy
  • Bob Holt
  • Betty Jurus
  • Michael Steven Gregory
  • Jack Webb
  • Arthur Salm
  • Victor Villasenor
  • T. Jefferson Parker
  • Yvonne Nelson Perry

In the following weeks, look for posts highlighting recipients of the Odin Award as we move toward observing and celebrating the Guild's 40th anniversary in September.

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