The Dublin Writers’ Festival Will Be Virtual

SDWEG members Bob Boze and Robyn Bennett were looking forward to taking part in this year's Dublin Writers' Festival. And then COVID-19 struck. In spite of their disappointment, they have some good news to share with us.

The organizers of the festival have committed to continue the conference in 2020, but online, as so many other organizations have done.

Attached is the link to the rescheduled Virtual Dublin Writers Festival.  

The festival will be held September 11th through the 13th.

Because of the three different day and time zones (Dublin/US/New Zealand) it is impossible for Robyn and Bob to do their workshop at this year’s festival. However, they point out there are some fantastic speakers, panels and subjects that we think would be of interest and benefit to our members. Options include prices as low as $29 for online access through the end of 2020. Bookings and payment may be made in US dollars.

Here's a taste of what you'll find on the Dublin Writers' Festival website.

The International Dublin Writers’ Festival

Since 2015 we have welcomed writers to learn, network and improve their craft. Our mission is to help writers excel and to provide opportunities for writers to learn from key industry professionals.

Dublin is a World Heritage City and home to some of the most famous writers. This event is an opportunity for all writers, everywhere, to connect with the literary culture of Dublin and to learn from experts and peers. Join us.

Writers, both aspiring and experienced, are all welcome.

Our speakers are renowned, highly-experienced, published authors, and world-class experts in writing craft, publishing and marketing. This conference provides practical support, valuable training and an opportunity to get to know fellow writers and industry professionals through our online communities.

Embracing the future, we encourage writers to explore all aspects of story and non-fiction.

Focused On Helping All Writers from Aspiring to Established

The conference sessions are separated into five streams, as follows:

What It Takes To Win As A Writer Now

Get Ready for Success

The Writers’ Journey

Preparing for our Readers

Finding Readers & Reviewers

There will also be a private online community for each of the streams, allowing attendees to comment, ask questions, and communicate with other attendees and the speakers online.

See their website for our conference speakers, full schedule & payment options at the bottom of the web page. Please choose a mentoring option if you wish to have one to one online mentoring. Mentors will be assigned based on your requirements and the availability of that mentor.

Please note that we adhere to a code of conduct for the protection of all attendees and staff. See that code here.

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