4 thoughts on “Ten Most Common Errors Made by Writers: #8”

  1. HI,

    Am having fun reading the most common errors.

    I question something in this:

    How can Are be the PAST tense of to be, as stated in your quote below??

    Are is the PRESENT tense as far as I know.

    WAS/WERE is the past tense of to be

    To be: (Present tense_

    I am, you are, he she or it is We are, you (pl) are, they are

    PAST TENSE – To be I was, you were, he she or it was We were, you were, they were

    Are vs. Our

    I see this occasionally but include it here because I saw this in an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times, written by an academic or a politician; either way, he should have known better. I wondered how anyone could miss this; then I wondered if this is sign of things to come.

    Are = a verb; past tense of to be. Our = a pronoun, refers to sense possession, of belonging to us. incorrect: The coming storm may postpone are weekend plans. correct: The coming storm may postpone our weekend plans. Hint: Pronounce our as ow-er (as in hour), rather ar.


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