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The following message arrived from Kristin Elliott of Hometown Reads, an organization that supports authors in an area to connect with local readers. San Diego has a Hometown Reads page on their site. Several Guild members have joined the San Diego Hometown Reads. The message below includes examples of what Hometown Reads authors around the country have reported as successes to connect with readers locally.

Last week I discussed the value of tapping into your local area to uncover your book as a hidden treasure. Many of you responded with success you've seen connecting with readers by using local organizations/events/etc to do so.

Here are those responses.

  • Helen Pashley has discovered great networking opportunities by connecting with a local publisher's association and writer's league.
  • Keith Willis believes you must go to your audience directly and engage with them. As a fantasy/romance author, he attends local Renaissance festivals to meet readers.
  • Diane Rogers has learned that being visible and accessible is key. Diane attends local craft shows, county fairs, etc to showcase her books.
  • As a children's author, Raven Howell has connected with a local children's writer organization to attend workshops & events.
  • Barbara Josselsohn and writers in her community have been able to gain support from their local library. In addition to marketing focus groups, this library held a local book fair to attract readers.

If you have a local organization that might be interested in supporting local authors, don't forget to use our free flier and invite them to join our Read Local Champions program (also free.) We'd would like to help equip them to better support local authors.

Of course, we consider joining the Guild, a local organization offering networking opportunities, an excellent step for all local authors.

Check out the San Diego page on the Hometown Reads site, and consider joining it as another way to reach out to potential readers in the area.

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