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There are two ways to receive notifications of new items on the website. The first is to subscribe to receive messages via e-mail, also referred to as following the blog. The second is to follow the blog on WordPress's Reader. The latter method ensures you can view all new content on the Reader, but will not deliver an e-mail message to alert you of a new message having been published.

To subscribe to receive e-mail notifications, add your e-mail address and select the Follow button in the left column, just under the map showing the location of our meetings. See below.



Alternatively, if you also have a WordPress blog and are logged on, you may find a post from the blog on the WordPress Reader. In that case, select the option "Follow" at the top right of the blog post in the Reader. See below:




Once you have selected the option, the text will change to Following.


Following the website in this way does not deliver an e-mail message with each post, but does ensure that posts will be included in your stream for the WordPress Reader when you select Followed Sites.



Since this view shows only posts from blogs you follow, the option to choose to Follow the blog does not appear.


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