Submissions Sought for New Online Literary Journal

The following message arrived in the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild mailbox this week. As requested, we're sharing it here with all Guild members and followers of the Guild's blog.

Dear San Diego Writers/Editors Guild,

I'm the co-founder of a new, online literary journal called NoiseMedium. Our goal is to provide a platform for writers, artists, and essayists from around the world to publish whatever ideas are dearest to them, regardless of the subject's popular appeal.

We are launching our fourth contest this month and would be honored if members of your guild were to submit their work. The contest is free to enter, the top submission wins $500, and our favorite 50 submissions will be published on our website

The contest ends on September 20th and winners will be notified by October 1st. More information can be found at

Would you please share this information with your organization? Please let me know if you have any questions about our journal or if you would like any clarification on our contest.

Warm regards,

Pierce | Founder & Editor

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