Submissions Requested for Essays For Democracy

In an effort to document what is proving to be a unique era in American political history on several fronts, Dr. Betty Wells, professor of Sociology (Extension) with affiliations to the Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture and Women’s and Gender Studies at Iowa State University, and Paula vW. Dail, award-winning writer and emerita research professor in the field of Social Welfare and Public Policy, have developed a project they are calling Essays for Democracy. The purpose is to provide the venue whereby women’s voices can create the historical record of this era.  To this end, they are soliciting essays from women activists for a book, tentatively titled “Resist: Women’s Voices Speaking Truth to Power” to be published by McFarland Publishers.

Dr. Dail contacted SDWEG to invite any women members who might be interested to submit an essay for this book. Attached are the details for submission.

If you are interested, review the linked submission requirements and contact Dr. Wells and Dr. Dail at  They will work with essayists on the deadline, expected to be no later than June 1, 2017. They want to include essays representing a wide range of topics and concerns, and the more they know about what writers are prepared to submit, the easier it will be to fill in the blank spots. Because of the timeliness of the topic, McFarland plans to fast-track this and has the organizers on a tight deadline for turning in a completed manuscript.

Paula vW. Dail, PhD
Emerita Research Professor of Social Welfare and Public Policy


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