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san-diego-book-review-logoSDW/EG member Tom Leech shared the following information:



I ran across the printed paper at the Pt. Loma Library.  It's a new quarterly publication, filled with book reviews (50+ in this SD edition). It's tied to older San Fran Book Reviews but the San Diego pub just started.  They invite SD authors to send their book(s) for review, if within 90 days of release or coming ahead.  They don't note whether authors are from San Diego. Check it out at

Tom Leech, member San Diego Press Club. Author of:
- Outdoors San Diego: Hiking, Biking & Camping (Premier)
- Say it like Shakespeare: the Bard's Timeless Tips for Communication Success (updated 2nd Edition)
- On the Road in '68: a Year of Turmoil, a Journey of Friendship

- The Curious Adventures of Santa's Wayward Elves (new November 2014) // 858-650-0810 (office and cell)
and (info about all books)

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