SEO: Search Engine Optimization

From the April Newsletter

Why is SEO relevant to authors? If you market your book, or your availability as a speaker, how do people who don’t already know you, find you? They often do a “search” on the internet. Search engines comb terms used on websites, blogs, etc. The terms you use to describe your work and yourself will determine if a search engine finds you and includes you in the search results of others. Jeniffer Thompson, of MonkeyCMedia, has tips for creating the best chance of being found on searches.

  • Size your website images to fit your webpage.
  • Name your images using all lowercase letters and hyphens instead of spaces between terms.
  • Use links to additional material within your website.
  • Use categories to organize content and help readers find material similar to their original interest.

Jeniffer notes that WordPress automates some of these functions for their users. For more information, see

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