SDWEG Reaches Milestone on

Since 2014, SDWEG has been using the Meetup. com social media platform as a means to reach out to and make contact with prospective Guild members.

The Guild’s Meetup group recently achieved a milestone of attracting its 500th member. Of those 500 contacts, about 30 have attended SDWEG meetings, with half of those actually joining the Guild. The SDWEG Board will reach out to those who have not attended, inviting and encouraging them to get to know the Guild and become members.

Meetup has recently updated the features and look of the platform, making it a more effective means of providing information to those who may wish to attend our meetings. If you are already a member of the Guild but are not a member of the Guild's Meetup group, take a look at it. A big advantage of signing up with Meetup is the regular reminders of upcoming meetings, especially useful when a month has a fifth Monday, as is the case in January, when our meetings--the fourth Monday of the month--do not fall on the last Monday of the month.

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