SDWEG Members Around the Town

From the October issue of The Writer's Life

SDWEG is proud to note when its members are engaged in creative activities with other organizations around San Diego and beyond. Currently, several members are giving lectures for Oasis of San Diego, an organization dedicated to life-long learning for older adults.The following SDWEG members are serving as lecturers in the “Fall semester” of Oasis classes.

Philip Pryde — His three 90-minute lectures are titled “The Search for the True Mary Magdalene,” based on his review of the works of biblical historians; “Russia, Ukraine and Crimea: Why the Conflict?” based on his 32 years of courses on the USSR at San Diego State University; and “The Uniqueness of the San Diego Region,” which is based on his book San Diego: An Introduction to the Region, which is now in its 5th edition.

Richard Lederer — Popular columnist and radio personality on all matters linguistic, Lederer will conduct two Oasis lectures: “Monsters Unchained,” where he will regale his audience with poems and puns from his new Halloween book, and “The Light Side of Aging,” where he will explain his certainty that there is only one way to age well – with a smile. Richard also has an essay titled “Mensans Amuse with Clerihews” appearing in the September issue of the Mensa Bulletin magazine.

Chloe Edge — Chloe will be conducting two six-session writing workshops titled “Creative Writing,” where she will encourage writers to explore and expand their creative writing experience.

Frank Newton — Our new SDWEG newsletter editor is conducting a 90-minute lecture titled “Cortez and the Aztec Empire,” where he will demystify the Spaniards’ brutal conquest. Frank will also be a judge for the Jose Marti Awards in Journalism, given annually to Hispanic newspapers and magazines by the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

Janet Hafner — Janet’s story titled “In the Middle of Queens” was accepted for publication in the annual Oasis Journal (published by Imago Press, Tucson). The Journal began in 2002 as an anthology of stories, poems and essays written by older writers throughout the country. Janet’s story is a fond recollection of her father’s thoughtful service to her neighbors in Queens, NY.

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