SDWEG Is on Facebook, Too

facebookSometimes I run across short items of value that I just don't have time to expand into a blog post. Often these are articles that already say so very well what I want to say and I don't want to fall victim to temptations to plagiarize. I just want to share the link. In those cases, another social media platform seems more appropriate. This is why there is also a Facebook page for the Guild.

If you aren't already connected, just go to the Facebook page and select the "Like" option, associated with the thumbs-up icon, within the cover photo on the page. See below:


When you like a Facebook page, posts on that page will automatically appear in your Facebook stream. You don't have to go looking for them. But if you DO want to see past items, search for the page name (San Diego Writers Editors Guild) and select it to see the page's timeline. Be sure to find the option that shows the SDW/EG logo at the left. Otherwise, you'll just see posts that include the text "San Diego Writers/Editors Guild" within them.

SDW/EG website blog posts will also appear on the SDW/EG Facebook page, making it the best way to get all the news about the Guild and of value to Guild members. Check it out!

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