SDWEG Bylaws Updated


At the June 20, 2017, and July 11, 2017, meetings of the Board of Directors, the Directors voted to amend the SDWEG Bylaws to address a number of issues.

First, the name of the Guild was modified to remove the / and replace it with and: San Diego Writers and Editors Guild.

Second, language to clarify the role of the Immediate Past President was added. The role of the Immediate Past President had not previously been included in the Bylaws which led to confusion regarding the total number of Board members representing the Guild. The amended Bylaws spell out that the Immediate Past President shall serve as an eleventh voting member of the Board. The quorum for meetings was also changed from five to six members, reflecting the larger size of the Board.

Third, language to clarify the method of appointing the official greeter, newsletter editor, committee chairs, and webmaster and social media manager first from among the members-at-large and then, if no member-at-large is willing or able to so serve, from among the general membership. When appointed members are not from among the elected Board members, they have an ex-officio role at Board meetings, contributing to discussions, but not having a vote.

Other amendments made references to dates within the Bylaws consistent and in line with current custom where there have been inconsistencies with Bylaws in the past. For example, the annual meeting of the Guild's membership, at which time elections are held for half of the Board members, was identified as happening in September in one paragraph but in October in another. Our practice is to hold those elections at the October meeting.

The full text can be found on the Bylaws page of the website.

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