SDWEG Bylaws Updated


The recent implementation of the membership management system that will allow us greater control over maintenance and control of our membership's contact information necessitated a change in our dues structure, though no change in the dues amount.

Until 2019, members who joined mid-year paid a prorated amount to cover through the end of the current year. This system ensured everyone's membership expired at the same time and simplified the process of informing members when it was time to renew.

Since January 2019, we have been accepting new members at any time of the year at a fixed annual dues amount. New members' subscription terms continue for 12 months from the time they joined. The automated membership management system makes it simpler to manage this revolving membership period since the system will send reminders rather than burdening our membership chair with this responsibility.

These changes required that we update our Bylaws. The Bylaws Committee looked at a number of other issues at the same time. Ultimately the Committee recommended 17 changes, seven of which were needed to address the changes resulting from the membership management system implementation. The ten remaining recommendations included a change to reflect the name of the organization whose Code of Ethics and Fair Practices cited in the Bylaws, the removal of the dual/spouse membership category, the addition of three membership benefits that were not included in the bylaws, and removal of extraneous information that better fits in the history of the organization or a procedures manual.

On May 14, 2019, at the regular meeting of the Board of Directors, the full Board approved the recommended amendments by more than the required 2/3 vote. The online version of the amended Bylaws are now available on the website and will be included in the 2019 Membership Directory which we hope to have available for distribution by the June meeting.

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