SDWEG Board Supports Teen Writers

For the past several years, the Board of Directors of the Guild has struggled to find a way to meet the portion of our mission--to promote, support, and encourage the writing art for adults and youth--that addresses a youth audience.

Several years ago, former Board member Simone Arias arranged a number of sessions, led by Guild members, at the University City Library for a teen audience. Based on that experience, she established a weekly program for teens in that area who were interested in creative writing. Low attendance and pressures for students to complete assigned work led the Board to abandon that effort. Instead we sponsored an essay contest for students in three underserved San Diego communities. The Guild gave seven students scholarships for their continued studies.  

Since then, we have reached out to a number of organizations when we learned of their involvement in supporting writing arts among high school students, including most recently the Canyon Crest Academy, where a student-organized Teen Writing Conference is held each February.

At the April 9 meeting of the SDWEG Board of Directors, the Board decided to provide sponsorship to the Canyon Crest Academy's Teen Writing Conference in 2020 at the Silver Sponsorship level.

We are excited about this opportunity to provide financial support for a program dedicated to the benefit of teen writers. If you learn of any other similar programs that would benefit from the Guild's financial or other support, please let any member of the Board of Directors know. Young writers are our future.

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