SDWEG Board Member Penn Wallace Presents in April

Penn Wallace, Member-at-Large,

The presenter for our Monday, April 22, meeting will be SDWEG Board of Directors Member-at-large and author Pendelton Wallace.

Penn says that a good writers critique group is one of the most important tools in your tool box. What’s the magic key? (Shsh … don’t tell anybody.) It’s hard work. Come learn how to set up and manage your group, create a charter for the group, start building your network, and improve your writing.

When Penn first started out writing, he was lucky enough to get into a group with three published authors who were all better than he was. With their patience and tutelage, they helped him go from a green rookie to a multi-titled published author.

Learn how to find a critique group, how to judge if it’s the group for you, how to set up a new group, and how to manage the group.

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