SDWEG Anthology Draws Attention at SD Library Exhibit

2017 The Guilded Pen cover

Over 400 local authors and guests attended as San Diego’s Central Library hosted its 52nd Annual Local Authors Exhibit on January 26. The evening began with brief remarks from the Library director, Misty Jones, followed by the keynote speaker, New York Times best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Caitlin Rother.

Members of SDWEG were on hand and recognized for their works published in 2017. Included in the festivities were: Marcia Buompensiero, Bob Doublebower, Dave Feldman, Janet Gastil and Phil Shafer for the SDWEG 2017 anthology, The Guilded Pen - Sixth edition. Bob and Dave gave readings from the anthology during the open-mic session.

Other SDWEG members,whose latest publications were also on display, included: Tom Leech, Fun on the Job: Amusing and True Tales from Rosie-the-Riveters to Rocket Scientists at a Major (San Diego) Aerospace Company; and Frank Primiano, The Stories Start Here: Prose and Poetry from a Writing Workshop, an anthology produced by the writing workshop of the San Diego Community College Continuing Education Program.

Larry Edwards, authentically dressed as a Rocky Mountain fur trapper from the 1820s, was on hand with his new book: Food & Provisions of the Mountain Men: A Guide to Authentic Provisions of Fur Trappers, Traders and Explorers in the Early American West.

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