San Diego Writers, Ink Offers Discounted Membership

Many Guild members are also members of San Diego Writers, Ink. We don't compete with one another for members because each group offers unique benefits to its members.

If you are interested in joining San Diego Writers, Ink, this is the week to do it, while they are offering a discounted membership at $19 for the year. Following is the message that arrived in the Guild's inbox today:

Offer available through Sunday, April 12. Applies to New Individual Memberships only.

Membership is one of the vital ways you can be an active part of SDWI's literary community. Your membership fees help sustain SDWI and The Ink Spot and support programs such as readings, groups, and special workshops.

SDWI Members receive:

* Discounts on tuition for classes and workshops and other courses
* Free admission to Room to Write
* Free submission to A Year in Ink
* Free or discounted entry for writing contests and other competitions
* Free or discounted admission to readings and events

You can apply for your NEW annual membership here, and the discount will be applied automatically. 

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