San Diego Local Authors’ Books Now Available for Circulation

Each year the San Diego Central Library receives books from local authors for its Local Author Showcase. Once submitted, those books are considered for inclusion in the library's circulation collection.

The SDWEG 2018 anthology, The Guilded Pen, is one of those books now available for circulation. It can be found at the Central Branch of San Diego Public Library on the first floor in Dickenson Popular Library.

Before going to the library to see or check out the Guild's anthology, be sure to visit the Event Calendar for up to date programs and events.

You can see a complete list of those local books as well as photographs of the reception held earlier in the year.

Books by several Guild members are also among the books now in circulation. Look for books by Kelly Bargabos, Sandra de Helen, J. Dianne Dotson, Marni Freedman, Robert Gilberg, Jennifer Greenhall, Henry Herz, Georgeanne Irvine, Karl Keating, Sue Liston, Charlie Seraphin, Wanjiru Warama, Patricia Watts, and Loren Zahn (aka Marcia Buompensiero),

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