San Diego Book Awards for 2019 Announced

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We're pleased to announce that the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild 2018 anthology, The Guilded Pen, 7th edition, was named a Finalist in the 2019 San Diego Book Awards.

The three finalists in the Published Anthology category are

  • City Works Journal, Volume 25, by M.P. Lopez and H.A. Martinez
  • Magic, Mystery & Murder, edited by Cornelia Feye and Tamara Merrill
  • The Guilded Pen, 2018 Anthology of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, edited by Marcia Buompensiero and other SDWEG members.

The winner in that category is Magic, Mystery & Murder. One of the editors of that anthology, Tamara Merrill, is a San Diego Writers and Editors Guild member. Congratulations to both Cornelia Feye and Tamara Merrill.

Josh Turner, pen name for SDWEG member Josh Baxt, is also among the finalists this year, in the Published Mainstream Fiction category for his novel Endless Blue Sky. Congratulations, Josh.

Robert Gilberg's novel Twists of Fate: A Folk-Rock Odyssey landed him a spot on the finalist list for Published Romance. Congratulations, Robert.

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