Rick Lakin’s New Novel, Singularity, Now on Presale


Guild member Rick Lakin's second book, Singularity, Book Two of StarCruiser Brilliant, is on pre-sale at Amazon.com for $2.99 for release on April 10, 2019.  

Can an android be your best friend? In Singularity, Book Two of the StarCruiser Brilliant series, Jennifer fights a Senator trying to stop the Singularity. Will she be able to save a planet from bioterrorism as she pits her flying skills against the Navy’s Blue Angels? Can her company, JennaTech, produce the inventions necessary to become successful? Coming to Earth from the Hoclarth Alliance, Jennifer’s half-sister Kalinda finds her destiny in surfing, martial arts, acting, and love.  Where does StarCruiser Brilliant take the Star Squad in this exciting sequel to the Amazon Children’s Time Travel Bestseller, Brilliant by Rick Lakin?

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