Richard Lederer Offers Donation to Guild for Sales of His New Books

Two holiday humor treasuries by Richard Lederer have just been published. Richard has generously offered signed and, if requested, personally inscribed copies of A Treasury of Halloween Humor and A Treasury of Christmas Humor @$13 per book. He will donate $8 back to SDWEG! These are first editions.

The order form for the books is at the bottom of this page. Instructions for payment follow below:

Instructions for payment by Check

Make check out to Verbivore, Inc.
Mail check, this order form, and a note with inscription instructions to:
Richard Lederer
10034 Mesa Madera Drive
San Diego, CA 92131-1922

Instructions for PayPal

1. Go to PayPal, sign in, and go to "send & request" section. Under "send money" enter Don't forget to include the "h."
2. On the next page, enter the amount. Below that you will see an "add a note" option.
3. Enter how many of each book you are ordering, “for benefit of SDWEG,” and any inscription details, such as "Merry Christmas to Aunt Sally."
4. Press "continue."
5. The next page will show the information you entered, your shipping address, your payment method, and the amount you are paying. Press "send payment now."

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