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From the May 2016 Newsletter

acxA past member of SDW/EG, Linda Loegel (now in North Carolina), shared her newest authoring experience: having her book, Willard Manor, produced as an audio book. The paperback is 219 pages in a 6 X 9” format. Narrating the 48,000 words resulted in an audio book of four hours and forty minutes. It is divided into separate narrations for each chapter.

The work was done by ACX, the audio division of Amazon. Linda had many options to choose from—age and gender of narrator, accent of narrator, style of narration, i.e., serious, breezy, story teller, factual, etc. She was then given the choice of several narrators that fit that category. After she chose one, the narrator sent her a three-minute sample for her approval, then a fifteen-minute sample. When that was approved, she eventually received the completed book to listen to and approve before the final audio edit by ACX.

She was offered two choices of royalty arrangement: 1) paying a small up-front fee and 100% of the royalties, or 2) no up-front fee and receipt of one-half the royalties. The audio books are available through Amazon.

ACX is also looking for people to narrate their books. Go to for more information.

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  1. This seems to be the best option for indie publishers. And most of the authors I’ve talked to have chosen the 50/50 deal, which requires no money up front, as I understand it. Audio books are hot right now.

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